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About Morris

Morris has a background in chaplaincy diversity services and is dedicated to promoting multicultural humanitarian approaches and practices. He is committed to the African therapeutic model of transformation and aims to establish Citizen Advice Bureaus to facilitate positive life change and a crisis-free society.

Morris's professional experience includes:

  • Resource mobilization for charities

  • Crisis and conflict management in African communities

  • Founder of the MAC Prison Ministry

  • Facilitation of dialogue on humanity worldwide

  • Promotion of African transforming mechanisms in the diaspora

  • Former member of the Court Users' Committee in the Central Region of Uganda

  • Former member of the Justice, Law, and Order Sector in Uganda's criminal department

  • Former executive committee member of UDPAS

  • Former representative of the European Restorative Circle Systems in Africa

  • Resource mobilization for religious congregations

  • Member of "Go Make Disciples" in the Archdiocese of Sydney

  • Former chairperson of the International Prison Chaplains' Association for the Uganda chapter

  • Acting community chaplain for the Ugandan community in Sydney

  • Representative and ambassador for the Kabaka Foundation in Australia

  • Founder and promoter of cross-cultural partnerships worldwide

  • Supervisor in the dispatch department for two Australian logistics companies

  • Promoter of police awareness among African communities

  • Organizing member of the Eucharist conference in Australia in 2028.

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