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Life connection using music dance and drama as a new mechanism fostering re-integration, social inclusion, workshops, and events.

Kwetu Project “African therapeutic model”

Helping professionals (Clinicians, social care workers, transporters, the police and others) who have close contact with people

Care for care givers'

Preventive, rehabilitation and treatment method for persons susceptible to mental health problems in Australia

Dialogue on humanity- unlocking potential

Peace for young people is deeply personal, associated with well-being and happiness in their communities

Out-designing conflicts for positive life change

Motivation workshops for youth and older migrants to show them they need to become the best version of themselves possible

Events, conferences & motivational talks

CCPE works with other organizations and communities around the world to strengthen and creating opportunities for addressing disadvantage, exclusion and deprivation

Twinning & trans - national/ international projects

Our Projects

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